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Shipping & Returns

Your satisfaction is our continued policy. We offer a comprehensive return policy. Please contact us before returning the product to the place to discuss the problem.

Quality issues
Products have been found from the date of receipt of the product color or size (30 days), will be returned, can be prepared in the following circumstances. (You pay the shipping), please return the product to the original packaging. You can not use the product (trial). When the product returns in good condition, we will be able to use the new alternative and you want to send it. Distribution of the product, you upload to replace the worst. Before sending items to exchange, spare switches replace our shipping costs for project suppliers. After payment, we will send the exchange items.

Quality issues
30 days (product) quality problems (non-human factors or external damage is not difficult) is the product, and then return policy. (You pay the shipping), please return the product to the original packaging. When the product is well recovered, we will send it back and replace it. We will send you a replacement product, we will have to pay the freight. (Note: This is the quality control of our problem expertise, so no, it's not a factor in the quality of the individual or the final decision to resist the purchase of external damage that can lead to unsolvable changes that they will not come back due to damage or human factors The quality question should be free.) Prevention.

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